We can help stop the COVID-19 outbreak.

We each have the power to slow down the Coronavirus, before it’s too late. Staying home is an act of bravery that could save the lives of your friends, your neighbors, and your family. Be Brave. Stay Home. #BeBraveStayHome

Asks for Public Officials

Appeal to our civic duty to stay home. Call on every citizen to be brave, and stay home. Cancel all events of more than 10 people, as suggested by the CDC. A recommendation is not strong enough. To flatten the curve we must act swiftly, and bravely, before the disease spreads further.

Strengthen each of us by protecting our most vulnerable. Americans with chronic health conditions, those without shelter, our undocumented neighbors, people providing critical services, or those who can’t afford to miss a paycheck to stay home must get the care they need and have the financial resources to weather this crisis. Provide meaningful resources and expanded health care for everyone, including rapid expansion of testing and production of ventilators and other critical equipment.

Protect our American democracy. Create a plan and provide resources to enact Vote By Mail or other solutions to ensure that democratic elections will move forward as planned. Future generations will look back and know we came together to protect our most

Be honest, empower Americans with information, and call us to action. We will act bravely and patriotically if we are told the truth and given a call to action. Tell us the truth: about the severity of the crisis, availability of testing, and availability of care. Ask us for help: Americans will be brave and stay home if asked, our people will make donations, share resources, and our businesses will shift their manufacturing needs or pay more than their fair share in taxes, if only we are asked to do so. Call. Us. To. Action.

Social Media Links

Click to tweet: @IAGovernor & the Iowa Legislature: cancel all events of more than 10 people in our state. #BeBraveStayHome #FlattenTheCurve #IALegis #IAGov #Coronavirus

Click to tweet: @IAGovernor & the Iowa Legislature: pass emergency paid leave for all workers for up to 30 days. No one should worry about their paycheck during an epidemic #BeBraveStayHome #FlattenTheCurve #IALegis #IAGov #Coronavirus

Click to tweet: Each and every one of us can help #FlattenTheCurve. Respond to the call, and serve your country — #BeBraveStayHome http://bebravestayhome.com #IALegis #IAGov #Coronavirus

Click to tweet: Let’s not wait until it’s too late for democracy, @IAGovernor. Support #VoteByMail for this year’s primary and general elections! #IALegis #IAGov #Coronavirus